New England and Bermuda District of Key Club

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Elections for Executive Board

The four executive officers--Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor--are elected at the annual District Educational Conference.  Candidates will speak and answer questions before conference attendees and be elected at the House of Delegates with two voting delegates from each Key Club.

Candidates for Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor must mail a letter of intent and signed service agreements/forms to District Administrator Mr. Will Bradford by March 1, 2021.


Want to learn more?  Review the 2020-2021 candidacy packets (subject to change for the 2021-2022 year) below.

Elections for Lieutenant Governor (LTG)

The LTGs serve a vital role as the liaison between the New England & Bermuda District and the clubs in their local area. The LTG will create monthly newsletters for clubs, visit each club, communicate with club officers, promote dues and directories, plan divisional officer meetings, and help plan a Regional Training Conference. In addition, the LG will serve as a member of the District Board and will attend three annual board meetings and two monthly committee meetings.

LTGs are elected at Divisional caucuses. Current Lieutenant Governors will send an invitation at least 15 days in advance. Each club is entitled to two delegates at the divisional caucus. Newly elected Lieutenant Governors will be sworn in and begin training at the District Educational Conference. Please contact your current Lieutenant Governor for more information. 


Your current LTG will hold a Divisional Caucus to elect the 2021-2022 LTG in December, January, or early February.  Want to learn more about the position?  

  • Talk to your current Lieutenant Governor about their experience

  • Review the 2020-2021 LTG Service Agreement (PDF), which includes this year's list of duties.

Applications for an Appointed Position

Each year the Governor appoints four committee chairs who are not LTGs to serve on the District Board.  These positions are subject to change each year.  Review this year's positions and their job duties below.

Elections for International Board

Candidates who want to run for an International Board position at the Key Club International Convention in July 2021 in Orlando must be endorsed by the District at House of Delegates at the District Educational Conference. Candidates for International Endorsement must mail a letter of intent and signed forms to District Administrator Mr. Will Bradford by March 1, 2021.  If you are endorsed, International requires additional paperwork before you can run as a candidate at International Convention.


Candidates can seek endorsement for International President, International Vice President, or International Trustee.  The District may endorse up to two candidates for International Trustee and up to two candidates for International President AND International Vice President.

2020-2021 Service Agreements

Please note: all forms subject to change for the 2021-2022 Key Club year.

Campaign Procedures at DECON

For District Executive Board and International Endorsement


​Campaign Rules

  1. There will be a zero-dollar campaign policy for all candidates. Each candidate will be required to submit the Candidate Information Form and campaign flyer to be included in the Candidates Booklet describing their platform and any other materials that they want known about themselves. Campaign flyers must be a single page, 8.5 x 11 inch .PDF document uploaded with the Campaign Information Form.  No additional materials will be distributed at the District Educational Conference nor will any posters, buttons, stickers, pins, candy, or other campaign materials be allowed.

  2. Campaigning prior to the District Educational Conference is prohibited.

  3. Candidates shall not make public social media accounts or post on social media regarding their campaign until the start of the District Educational Conference.

  4. One (1) Key Clubber may accompany the candidate into caucus rooms to assist. Current District and International Board members may not fulfill this role.

  5. Candidates may be disqualified for violation of these rules.


Campaign Procedures

  • There will be one caucus session and one House of Delegates session this year. There will not be a nominating conference.

  • Candidates must attend the Candidates Meeting on the Friday of DECON.  

  • Candidates who have properly submitted this paperwork will be nominated and given one minute each to introduce themselves during the Opening Session on Friday evening.

  • All declared candidates will caucus on Saturday. Candidates for Governor will have three (3) minutes to speak and two (2) minutes for questions during each caucus session.  All other candidates will have two (2) minutes to speak and three (3) minutes for questions during each caucus session.

  • The election will take place at House of Delegates on Sunday morning. Candidates will get the opportunity to give a one-minute speech at House of Delegates prior to voting.

  • If no candidate receives a majority vote in the House of Delegates, the candidate who received the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and a new ballot will be cast. This process will repeat until a candidate wins a majority of votes.

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