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Resources for Key Clubs

Welcome to our new Resources page!

This is a work in progress. We will be updating and re-organizing resources over the coming months.

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What is a Service Hour

How to define a service hour when reporting on your Secretary Report, Annual Achievement Report, and other Key Club District and International awards and scholarships.

Book of Growth: New Club Edition

A guide for chartering a new Key Club and developing it to be successful.

Kiwanis Family Ties

A guide to keeping connections
strong between your local Kiwanis
Family Clubs virtually.

Chartering K-Kids

A short guide to chartering a K-Kids in your community.

A Guide to Chartering a K-Kids Club

A presentation about how to charter a K-Kids in your community.

Key Club International Projects

An introduction to the Key Club International Service Partners and Preferred Charities

Children of Peace International

An introduction to Children of Peace International (a District Project)

Camp Sunshine

An introduction to Camp Sunshine (a District Project)


An introduction to Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute (a District Project)

What is DECON?

An introduction to the District Educational Conference

Tips and Tricks to have a successful Key Club

Tips and Tricks to have a successful Key Club in 2020


Five ideas to help recruit new Key Club members

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