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Fadumo Hussein

Lieutenant Governor, Division 3

Fadumo is a junior at Lewiston High School in Lewiston, ME.

As Lieutenant Governor, Fadumo serves as a liaison between the District and the Key Clubs in Division 3. She sends a monthly newsletter, holds divisional meetings and events, visits the Key Clubs, and coordinates information sharing among the Key Clubs in Division 3.

Division 3 comprises Central Maine and the Lewiston-Auburn region. It includes Key Clubs at:

  • Cony High School, Augusta, ME

  • Hall-Dale High School, Farmingdale, ME

  • Leavitt Area High School, Turner, ME

  • Lewiston High School, Lewiston, ME

  • Lisbon High School, Lisbon, ME

  • Messalonskee High School, Oakland, ME

  • Oceanside High School East, Rockland, ME

  • Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, South Paris, ME

  • Richmond High School, Richmond, ME

  • Saint Dominic Academy, Lewiston, ME

  • Waterville High School, Waterville, ME

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