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Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor

Contest Description

More details coming soon.

Contest Rules

Click here for the full contest award criteria.

Each District may select its own means of applying. This entry form is for use by Lieutenant Governors in the New England and Bermuda District.

Award Information

  • An evaluation will be made based on the criteria set forth by Key Club International. This is not a contest between district officers, but recognition of an individual's performance.

  • To receive this award, a total of 1,050 points out of 1,325 possible points must be accumulated. Judges will consider extenuating circumstances in awarding points.

  • This entry form is due May 1. The District Administrators will send nominations to Key Club International on May 3, 2024.

Submission Options

Submit the entry form online by May 1 to enter. Many categories are pre-judged based on various metrics tracked during the year, but the form provides an option for you to include supplemental information. Additionally, you must upload a personal statement and service hour reporting form. You may also upload a letter of recommendation and miscellaneous items.

Due Date

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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