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Membership Growth Award

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Contest Description

The Club Membership Growth Award program shall provide recognition to individual Key Clubs for exhibiting outstanding club membership growth in a single year.

Contest Rules

  1. A qualifying club shall be defined as a Key Club in good standing for at least two years.

  2. A report on growth will be produced the week before DECON to analyze club growth percentages over a one-year period.

  3. Clubs shall compete with other clubs of similar size within four membership categories based upon membership from the previous year: Bronze, being 35 members or less; Silver, being 36 to 60 members; Gold, being 61 to 85 members, and Platinum, being 86 members or more.

  4. The club with the largest growth percentage in each of the membership categories shall be deemed the first place winner. Suitable recognition should be provided to clubs achieving first place at international convention.

  5. No changes, alterations or regrading will take place after the growth report has been produced.

  6. The District will forward winners to Key Club International for eligibility in the International Contest.

Submission Options

No entry form needed.

Due Date

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