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Traditional Scrapbook Contest

Traditional Scrapbook Contest

Each Key Club may only enter one of the Year in Review Scrapbook Contests.

All District Scrapbook Contest entries must be submitted in the Google Slides template as instructed below.

Traditional Scrapbook Contest Guidelines:
  1. A Key Club may enter a scrapbook containing pictures, souvenirs, examples, newspaper clippings, etc., of its activities during the club administrative year (defined as being from District Conference to District Conference). Each scrapbook must be divided into these categories: service to school, service to community, fundraising projects, assistance to Kiwanis projects, Major Emphasis involvement and miscellaneous. Each category must be separated accordingly by tabs. Pages must be numbered with a table of contents included at the beginning of the scrapbook. Judges will deduct five points for missing tabs and five points for a missing table of contents.  

  2. Each entry is required to be submitted in a scrapbook binder measuring no larger than 14 inches wide and 14 inches high. The cover may be decorated.

  3. Judging of the scrapbook will be on a point system as follows:
    Visuals–30 Points
    Artwork and decorations: 15 Points
    News clippings and photographs: 15 Points
    Service to school: 20 Points
    Service to community: 20 Points
    Fundraising projects: 10 Points
    Assistance to Kiwanis projects: 10 Points
    Involvement with Major Emphasis Program: 10 Points
    Miscellaneous: 10 Points

  4. A sheet of paper must be affixed to the inside front cover of the scrapbook containing the following: Key Club name, city, state/province, district and an itemized statement of the total expenditures and donations associated with the creation of the scrapbook. If this sheet of paper is not affixed to the inside front cover of the scrapbook, the judges will deduct ten points. This statement must be signed by the Key Club president and Faculty Advisor, stating the scrapbook’s retail cost value (including photographic materials) does not exceed the amount of US$300. Work done by Key Club members such as hand-lettering, artwork, etc., need not be included as cost items. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

  5. Entries shall be submitted in the Google Slides template provided.

  6. Suitable prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place scrapbooks judged best on the basis of visuals and content.

  7. The decisions of the judges are final and no changes, alterations, or re-gradings will take place after the results have been certified by the judges of this contest.

  8. No audio, visual, or computer equipment will be allowed as part of the entry outside of the information requested in the Google Slides template.

Please note: each Key Club may enter EITHER the Traditional Scrapbook Contest OR the Digital Scrapbook Contest, not both.

All entries must be uploaded by March 15, 2021 on the form below using the Entry Form linked above.  If the embedded form doesn't work, click here to open in a new window.