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Social Media Contest

Key Club Social Media Contest

The New England and Bermuda District’s Club Social Media contest is designed to recognize Key Clubs that excel in promoting Key Club through a club Instagram account.

Social Media Contes Guidelines (for club Instagram accounts)
  1. Following @humansofnebdkeyclub, @nedkeyclub, and @KeyClubInt : 10 points 

  2. Profile photo: 10 points

  3. Network (deduct 1 point for every 5 followers under requirement): 10 points

    1. Bronze (1-35 members) - 35 followers

    2. Silver (36 - 60 members) - 60 followers

    3. Gold (61 - 85 members) - 85 followers

    4. Platinum (85+ members) - 100 followers

  4. Five Posts (10 points for each category, judged on 3 posts submitted per category)

    1. Promoting Key Club International (Key Club Week, Vision Partners, Preferred Charities, etc.)

    2. Promoting New England and Bermuda District (KPTI Day, DECON, Key Leader)

    3. Reminders of Key Club duties, events, or meetings

    4. Kiwanis Family (service events, promotion of other clubs, promotion of Kiwanis Family events)

    5. Service to home, school, community

  5. Post frequency, originality, graphics, and general appearance: 20 points

All entries must be uploaded by March 15, 2021 on the form below using the Entry Form linked above.  If the embedded form doesn't work, click here to open in a new window.