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Contests and Scholarships

District Scholarships

The New England and Bermuda District of Key Clubs will be awarding scholarships at the Key Club District Educational Conference, March 31 - April 2, 2023 in Springfield, MA.  These scholarships shall be awarded to a senior Key Club member who shows outstanding service, leadership qualities, and achievements in Key Club.  The scholarship committee will evaluate applications based on the candidate’s character and sincere dedication to Key Club and the ideals for which it stands.


We will award at least two $1,000 scholarships as follows (additional scholarships may be awarded based on funding):

  • The Paul Tasho Scholarship, created in memory of Paul Tasho, District Governor 1975-1976, will be awarded to a graduating senior who has served the New England & Bermuda District as a District Board member.

  • The Timothy F. Daly Scholarship, created in honor of long-time District Financial Counselor Mr. Timothy Daly, will be awarded to a graduating senior who is a member in good standing of Key Club International.

We also encourage you to consider applying for scholarships awarded by the Kiwanis Children's Fund, which are due February 1.

This entry form requires you to upload three files:

Application Deadline: March 17, 2023.

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