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Robert F. Lucas Outstanding LTG Award

Please use this form to enter the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding LTG Award.  You can upload your personal statement, your Service Hour Reporting Form, a recommendation, any miscellaneous materials, and explanations of any extenuating circumstances that the judges should consider.

Please note that all Key Clubs on "A-COVID" hiatus status this year will not be counted towards judging.  For example, if your Division has 10 Key Clubs but 2 are "A-COVID," all percentage based judging will be based on the other 8 Key Clubs.  You do not need to explain Key Clubs being on "A-COVID" status as an extenuating circumstances as the judges have already accounted for it.

The Service Hour Reporting Form can either be submitted as a PDF form with a signature from your faculty advisor or a PDF/spreadsheet with an email from your faculty advisor to verifying the hours. 
Please click here to download the Service Hour Reporting Form as a Word Document.

To reference the judging criteria, please click here.

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