Key Club DECON is Cancelled

Our Key Club Leadership Team has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. While we had hoped to move forward with our District Educational Conference, it has become increasingly clear to us that we will be unable to do so. Many school districts are restricting travel and field trips and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has advised that all large events not be held. Therefore, we are canceling this year's District Educational Conference. The health and safety of our students, advisors, and volunteers will always be our first priority. We know that this cancellation is upsetting, especially for our students who have worked so hard over the past year. Our 2020 DECON looked promising with nearly 800 registrants, a new format for workshops, and an amazing keynote speaker. We hope that your Key Clubs will all be back in 2021 to make our next DECON even more special for our students. We are still working out the mechanics of canceling a DECON and appreciate your patience. Below are some details that we can share now: Refunds Thanks to our longstanding relationships, both the Tower Square Hotel and Sheraton Hotel have generously agreed to let us out of our contracts with no charge this year. This means that we will be able to provide full refunds to all attendees. District Financial Counselor Tim Daly will process these refunds over the next couple weeks. Elections Pursuant to our bylaws, in the absence of a District Conference, the District Board will elect officers for next year. Most Divisions have already elected their 2020-2021 Lieutenant Governor, so we will ask the 2019-2020 District Board to elect a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor for the 2020-2021 year. We will hold an online meeting of the 2019-2020 District Board to complete this process and ask all declared candidates to attend the meeting to speak and answer questions from the District Board. Contests We intend to hold District Contests remotely to the extent possible. We will extend the deadline to submit entries until April 3 and accept entries from all Key Clubs in our District. We will send out additional information on how to submit entries by mail or email soon. We will be asking for adult volunteers to judge contest entries remotely. We will mail all awards to the respective winners. You will hear more from Brian Cofrancesco about this shortly. Workshops and Speakers We are currently exploring formats that we can use to present the keynote speech and all of the incredible workshops in a webinar format. This will likely take place over a couple weeks in April and will be available to all Key Clubs in our District. More details on this coming soon. Future Events We are continuing to monitor this situation as it pertains to our 2020-2021 District Board Training in April. In addition, Key Club International is monitoring as it pertains to Key Club International Convention in July.  We will have more details about those events in the coming weeks and months. We understand that this is very disappointing—we feel it too. We are proud of our District and our student leaders who served their communities with distinction this past year. Thank you to each of you for all you do for your students and for Key Club. We look forward to seeing many of you in 2021!