Division Realignment Plan

The District Board is considering a proposal to realign the Key Club Divisions in our District.  This would affect which Key Clubs come together to elect a Lieutenant Governor and which Key Clubs that Lieutenant Governor works with.  The current proposal would create 20 Divisions (as opposed to 24 today) which each contain 5-11 Key Clubs (as opposed to 2-14 today).  The goal is to better balance the number of clubs each LTG works with, while ensuring that the Divisions group Key Clubs together in a geographically logical way.

The District Board is seeking feedback from Key Clubs before voting at their next District Board Meeting on November 1.  Once the Key Club District Board approves a plan, it will go to our Kiwanis District Board for approval at their November meeting.  After Kiwanis approves it, our current LTGs will plan LTG Caucuses using the new Divisions to elect the 2021-2022 LTGs, and the new Divisions will go into effect following our District Educational Conference in April.

The feedback form with a link to a map showing the current proposal is here: https://forms.gle/Didoy8LQjTZ1JxqS8.  The map shows pins for each Key Club, color-coded by the current Division, and boxes color-coded by the proposed Division.