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Contests and Scholarships

Non-Digital Poster Contest

Non-Digital Poster Contest

Each Key Club may only enter one of the Member Recruitment Poster Contests.

Non-Digital Poster Contest Guidelines:
  1. The Key Club International Non-Digital Member Recruitment Poster Contest will be conducted according to the following rules.

  2. The first place Non-Digital Member Recruitment Poster Contest winner from each of the organized Key Club Districts will be eligible to compete in the contest. In the case a District does not hold a district contest using the prescribed rules of this contest, the district may select an entry by other means and so certify by signature of the District Administrator. Clubs existing within a non-districted area shall submit their entries to Key Club International.

  3. The poster should be designed to recruit new members for Key Club, and should not bear the name of any school, community, or district.

  4. Entries in this category may not include material produced through electronic means, such as cameras and computer software. The poster dimensions should be 18 inches by 24 inches, with the actual height and width not varying more than one-half inch from the prescribed contest dimensions. The poster should not measure more than one-eighth inch in thickness.

  5. The following information must be submitted with each entry:
    Name of the Key Club and District.
    Contact name and information for the artist producing the poster. The artist(s) must be a Key Club member(s).

  6. Posters will be judged according to the following criteria:
    50 points: Originality/Creativity
    25 points: Effectiveness for member recruitment
    25 points: Appearance and artistic expression

  7. Suitable awards will be presented to first, second, and third place non-digital posters at District/International Convention.

  8. Winning entries at International Convention will become the property of Key Club International, and will not be returned to clubs. Key Club International reserves the right to reproduce any contest winners, providing appropriate credit to the Key Club and artist. Although a poster will not be selected based on its ability to be reproduced, keep in mind that a printer-friendly poster is more likely to be circulated following International convention than one that is difficult to produce.

  9. All entries shall be in good taste and appropriate to the standards set by the Objects of Key Club International.

  10. The decision of the judges is final and no changes, alterations, or re-gradings will take place after the results have been certified by the judges, the Chair of the Contests, and Board Counselor /District Administrator of this contest.


All entries must be submitted in-person at DECON or mailed to District Administrator Mr. Will Bradford by March 17, 2023 at P.O. Box 102, Weymouth, MA 02191 (contact Mr. Bradford for an alternate address for FedEx/UPS).

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