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Contests and Scholarships

Major Emphasis Award

Major Emphasis Award

The Major Emphasis Award is given to the Key Club which, through its unselfish efforts, has produced the best Major Emphasis Project. Projects may include both hands-on service and fundraising efforts.

Major Emphasis Definition:

The Major Emphasis shall be the theme of Key Club International. Any project completed on a local scale by member clubs pursuant to the theme of “Children: Their Future, Our Focus” shall be considered projects of the major emphasis. No single organization or initiative shall be considered exclusively a representative of the major emphasis. The major emphasis shall include all member club projects, special partnerships, and service initiatives designated by the Key Club International Board in keeping with the theme.

Major Emphasis Contest Guidelines
  1. Only one winner in the District contest will be eligible for entry in the International competition.

  2. Report must be typed. Each section found in Section G must begin on a new page and each page must have a heading specifying the section being described. There is no word limit. The official Major Emphasis Involvement Report cover sheet must accompany all entries. It must be completed in its entirety.

  3. The activity described can cover any phase of Key Club Major Emphasis involvement specifically highlighting personal development and social interaction of children during the year from district convention to district convention. The report may include newspaper clippings, substantiating photographs or other pertinent information. Projects acceptable for this award may include both hands-on service and fundraising efforts. Clubs are not permitted to use the same project to apply for both the Single Service and Major Emphasis awards.

  4. Reports will be judged according to the amount of Major Emphasis activity described in Section G. Suitable recognition and awards will be presented to the Key Club filing the best Major Emphasis Report in compliance with these rules. This award will be given at the District/International convention. There are no platinum, silver, gold or bronze divisions in this contest; instead there are first, second, and third place awards.

  5. To be eligible for the International contest, the report that wins the District contest must be left with the Conference Office so that the District Administrator may enter it to compete at the International level.

  6. The decisions of the judges are final, and no changes, alterations, or regradings will take place after the results have been certified by the judges.

  7. The sections to be described and the points for each are indicated below:

    1. The Need (10 points) —A statement must establish in what way the project deals with the ME.

    2. The Plan (10 points) —Describe how the project was organized.

    3. Implementation (20 points) — Describe the steps taken to implement the plan.

    4. Final Results (25 points) —Describe the benefits of the service rendered.

    5. Partnerships with the Kiwanis Family and Other Organizations (10 points)—Describe actions and partnerships formed. Describe how the project was publicized.

    6. Percentage of Club Members Participating (10 points) —
      01-09% = 1 point | 40-49% = 5 points | 70-79% = 8 points
      10-19% = 2 points | 50-59% = 6 points | 80-89% = 9 points
      20-29% = 3 points | 60-69% = 7 points | 90-100% = 10 points
      30-39% = 4 points

    7. Club’s Overall Program Dealing with ME (25 points) —Describe any other projects/programs your club implemented to address the Major Emphasis. Describe how your club worked with ME during other parts of the year.

Please note: The same project should not be submitted for Single Service, Major Emphasis, and Signature Service contests.

All entries must be uploaded by March 17, 2023 on the form below or via mail: District Administrator Mr. Bradford, PO Box 102, Weymouth, MA 02191.

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