After the District Educational Conference in April 2017, the District Board will seeks applicants for the following four positions.

The positions of DECON Chair, District Projects Chair, Executive Assistant, and Public Relations Chair are filled annually through appointment by the District Governor.  A complete applications includes:
  • The below forms signed by the required individuals (including parents/guardians, school officials, and advisors)
  • A Letter of Intent (no more than one page)
  • Contact information for the candidate
All applications must be submitted by mail to Governor Lily and District Administrator Mr. Whitney.  Their mailing addresses are included on the application forms.

Please direct any questions to Governor Lily at

District Educational Conference Chair
The District Educational Conference (DECON) Chair is responsible for the planning and running of the annual DECON on April 8-10, 2016. For more information, please see:
DECON Chair Duties and Service Agreement Forms (Coming Soon)

District Projects Chair
The District Projects Chair is responsible for maintaining a relationship between the District and its District Projects and promoting these Projects to Key Club members.  For more information, please see: 
District Projects Chair Duties and Service Agreement Forms (Coming Soon)

Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant is responsible for assisting the District Executive Board in a variety of ways.  The focus of this position shall be Club Building and Membership Development, and he/she shall serve as the Chair of the Club Building and Membership Development committee.  In addition, the Executive Assistant shall assume the duties of the Chaplain/Historian.  For more information, please see: 
Executive Assistant Duties and Service Agreement Forms (Coming Soon)

Public Relations Chair
The Public Relations Chair is responsible for overseeing the District's public relations and publicizing District Events, District Projects, and other District initiatives.  For more information, please see: 
Public Relations Chair Duties and Service Agreement Forms (Coming Soon)
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