Executive Board
Governor Lily Rogers (GovLily.NED1617@gmail.com)
Secretary Emily Nguyen (Secretary.NED1617@gmail.com)
Treasurer Caleb Esmay (Treasurer.NED1617@gmail.com)
Bulletin Editor Logan Hagerty (BulletinEditor.NED1617@gmail.com)

Lieutenant Governors
Division 1 Aidan Sites (LTG1.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 2 Crystal Macomber (LTG2.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 3 Kate Lusignan (LTG3.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 4 Kyle Long (LTG4.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 5 Annie Carman (LTG5.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 6 Leah Desveaux (LTG6.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 7 Trevor Hustus (LTG7.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 8 Skyler Brown (LTG8.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 9-10 Vacant
Division 11 Molly Engels (LTG11.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 12-13 Lauren Rostosky (LTG1213.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 14-15 Kelsey Vu (LTG1415.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 16-17-21 Thomas Galligan (LTG161721.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 18 Gillian Benoit (LTG18.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 19-25 Asami Castellano (LTG1925.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 20 Raphaella Dossantos (LTG20.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 22 Ava Paine (LTG22.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 23 Joey Yacavone (LTG23.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 24 Zachary Medeiros (LTG24.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 26-27A Vacant
Division 27B-28 Amisha Paul (LTG27B28.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 29A Cathy Yan (LTG29A.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 29B Tyler Chavez (LTG29B.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 30 Daniel Knorr (LTG30.NED1617@gmail.com)
Division 31 Jessica Tambascio (LTG31.NED1617@gmail.com)

*Not sure which Lieutenant Governor is yours? Check our District Club List to find out!
**Does your club not have a Lieutenant Governor this year? Contact Governor Lily or an Area Advisor for assistance.

Appointed Positions
District Educational Conference Chair Alice "AJ" Nichols (DECONChair.NED1617@gmail.com)
District Projects Chair Danielle Dailey (DistrictProjects.NED1617@gmail.com)
​Executive Assistant Molly Amman(ExecutiveAssistant.NED1617@gmail.com)
Public Relations Chair Josh Cram (PublicRelations.NED1617@gmail.com)
The 2016-2017 New England & Bermuda District Board
The New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International