District Administrator Mr. Will Bradford (willbradford.kiwanis@gmail.com)
Financial Counselor Mr. Tim Daly (tdkiwanis@comcast.net)
Assistant Administrator Mrs. Renee Marchesseault (reneem.btd@gmail.com)

Area Advisors:
Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7: Mrs. Christine Greene (chrisgreenekeyclub@gmail.com)
Div. 5, 8, 11: Mrs. Renee Marchesseault (reneem.btd@gmail.com)
​Div. 9-10, 12-13, 14-15: Mrs. Dawn Fitzgerald (13dmwood@gmail.com)
Div. 16-17-18, 19-25, 20: Mrs. Sharon Oliveira (sroteach@aol.com)
Div. 21, 22, 23, 24: Mrs. Jessica Plante (jessjost@comcast.net)
Div. 26-27A, 27B-28, 29A, 29B, 30, 31: Mr. Brian Cofrancesco (bcofran@gmail.com)
District-wide Support: Ms. Nicole McDermott (nmm-kc@pinecrestschool.org)

The Adult Committee serves to advise and guide the District Board and serve as a resource for Key Club Advisors throughout the District.  Key Club advisors, please don't hesitate to contact an Adult Committee member if you have any questions or issues.
The Key Club District Board
Executive Board
Governor Andrew Kirdahy (govandrew.ned1920@gmail.com)
Secretary Grace Jarell (secretary.ned1920@gmail.com)
Treasurer Jonah Cote (treasurer.ned1920@gmail.com)
Bulletin Editor Ava Jarell (editor.ned1920@gmail.com)

Lieutenant Governors
Division 1 Dolcie Tanguay (ltg1.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 2 Kelli Black (ltg2.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 3 Sydney Sheehan (ltg3.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 4 Savannah Millay (ltg4.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 5 Lydia Tucker (ltg5.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 6 Kristina Jutras (ltg6.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 7 Riley LaRose (ltg7.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 8 Joy Hanlon (ltg8.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 9-10 Noah Merrow (ltg910.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 11 Haley Lassen (ltg11.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 12-13 Kameryn Dockham (ltg1213.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 14-15 Alfie Tsang (ltg1415.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 16-17-18 Brooke Vallier (ltg161718.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 19-25 Nicholas Yang (ltg1925.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 20 Alexander Burdick (ltg20.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 21 Vacant (Contact Area Advisor Mrs. Jess Plante)
Division 22 Hannah Dupont (ltg22.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 23 Benjamin DeLaCour (ltg23.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 24 Vacant (Contact LTG Benjamin DeLaCour or Area Advisor Mrs. Jess Plante)
Division 26-27A Vacant (Contact LTG Anh Tran or Area Advisor Mr. Brain Cofrancesco)
Division 27B-28 Anh Tran (ltg27b28.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 29A Delia Lin (ltg29a.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 29B Joey Merly (ltg29b.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 30 Kailey Casl (ltg30.ned1920@gmail.com)
Division 31 Megha Gupta (ltg31.ned1920@gmail.com)

*Not sure which Lieutenant Governor is yours? Check our District Club List to find out!
**Does your club not have a Lieutenant Governor this year? Contact Governor Andrew or an Area Advisor for assistance.

Appointed Positions
District Educational Conference Chair Mia Rollins (decon.ned1920@gmail.com)
District Projects Chair Emily Cheung (districtprojects.ned1920@gmail.com)
Kiwanis Family Chair Kelsea Brasseur (kiwanisfamily.ned1920@gmail.com)
Public Relations Chairs Rachel Gardella (pr.ned1920@gmail.com)
Become a Lieutenant Governor!
The LTGs serve a vital role as the liaison between the New England & Bermuda District and the clubs in their local area. The LTG will create monthly newsletters for clubs, visit each club, communicate with club officers, promote dues and directories, plan divisional officer meetings, and help plan a Regional Training Conference. In addition, the Lieutenant Governor will serve as a member of the District Board and will attend board meetings in October and April.

Apply to serve as LTG!
Governor Josh is seeking applications for vacant LTG positions for the following Divisions:
  • Division 21 (Framingham H.S., Hopkinton H.S., Natick H.S., North H.S., Wellesley H.S.)
  • Division 24 (Chicopee Comprehensive H.S., Easthampton H.S., High School of Commerce, Longmeadow H.S., Minnechaug H.S., Monument Mountain H.S., Westfield H.S., Westfield Technical Academy)
  • Division 26-27A (Bulkeley H.S., Cheshire H.S., Glastonbury H.S., Francis T. Maloney H.S., Middletown H.S., Newington H.S., Orville H. Platt H.S., Wilcox Tech)

Interested?  Download the application (PDF) and apply today.  Preference will go to Key Clubbers from the vacant Divisions.  Contact Governor Andrew to learn more.
New England and Bermuda District of Key Club International
The Adult Committee
Apply for 2019-2020 Board Positions