Service is the core mission of Key Club. So what would DECON be without it? Bring your spare change and donations for District Projects, and get ready to do some hands-on service at DECON 2017!

Governor's Service Project
The New England and Bermuda District is bringing service to its convention! This year, as part of the Governor’s Project, Key Clubbers at DECON can participate in the assembly of Early Childhood Injury Prevention bags. These packets will include the following:
  • Car seat identification sticker
  • Child Passenger Safety booklet
  • "All Babies Cry" Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention
  • "Children In and Around Cars"
  • Burn prevention brochure
  • Home safety checklist booklet
  • "Helping Baby Back to Sleep" SIDS prevention
  • "Keeping the Promise of Safety" Window safety
  • Electric outlet covers
  • Temperature sensitive bath duck

Once these bags have been created Key Clubs can distribute them to doctor’s offices, hospital maternity wards, family shelters, child care centers, social service agencies, or anywhere else that they see fit. Key Clubs at the Conference will have the option of either bringing these bags back to their own towns or donating them to the various programs in Springfield. 

All that you have to do to participate is attend DECON 2017! No prior preparation is needed.

This project will take place in Ned's Den during the Friday Evening Activities.

"All Hands on Service!" Spotlight in the Ned's Den
After the sessions on Friday and Saturday, Key Clubbers will have a chance to relax and get to know other Key Club members from all across New England in our various evening activities in Ned's Den.  They can choose to attend the Dance, the Governor's Service Project, or the "All Hands on Service!" Spotlight!  Ned the Lobster is asking for 4-5 Key Clubs to bring a hands-on service project to share with the District each night during the Student Lounge and Dance.

To host a service project, please sign up here by March 1, 2017!

Service Fair
Every year at District Educational Conference, there is a service fair held at which clubs showcase a service project their club participated in. This service project can be an original creation or a fundraiser for the many organizations the New England and Bermuda District supports. The service fair is held during both lunch sessions and allows all of the attending Key Clubbers to gain information about other clubs’ activities. 

In order to participate in the service fair, you must submit this form by March 1, 2017.

Parade of Checks
At the Saturday Night Awards and Recognition Session, Key Clubs will have the chance to donate to our District Projects: Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute, Camp Sunshine, and Children of Peace International. Key Clubs from around New England contribute each year to provide necessary support to these programs to improve the lives of children.  All checks can be made out to: NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT OF KEY CLUBS. The Key Clubs with the largest donations will be recognized!

Change Wars
The race is on between MA, CT, ME, and the Quad (NH, VT, RI, & Bermuda) as Key Clubbers have the chance to donate to our District Projects! Look for the jars throughout the weekend. Bring change to
make a change!  Please note, pennies are worth 0 points.  Please only bring nickels, dimes, and quarters.
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Service and Fundraising at DECON
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