2. Under "Last Name" and "First Name," please include the full last and first name for each attendee, as should be listed with the hotel.

3. Under "Nametag Name," please list the attendee's first name as it should be styled for the nametag.  For example, "Elizabeth Keyclubber" may prefer "Liz."  The nametag will say "Liz" in large font with "Elizabeth Keyclubber" underneath in smaller font.

4. Please list a valid cell phone number for each student and chaperone in case the Conference Office needs to reach them during the Conference.

5. Please list the grade (i.e., 9, 10, 11, or 12) for each student attending the Conference.

6. For the Officer field, please type "YES" for Key Clubbers who are club officers.  For the Delegate field, please type  "YES" for the two students who will serve as voting delegates at the Conference.  For the Alternate field, please type "YES" next to the two students who will serve as alternate delegates at the Conference.  Please note that delegates and alternates can be changed at registration on Friday at the Conference.

7. Please note that all Key Clubbers will be roomed 4 to a room.  If you have a partial room, that room will be filled with Key Clubbers of the same gender from another school.  Please note that rooms will be assigned exactly as they are listed on the form inasmuch as hotel space is available.  Please contact DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org with any questions.

The Adult Chaperones tab is a little different.  Below is a sample Adult Chaperone room:
Conference Registration
District Educational Conference
April 5-7, 2019 - Springfield, MA
Conference Overview
Conference Overview
Conference Schedule
Conference Schedule
Contests & Scholarships
Contests & Scholarhips
Service & Fundraising
Service & Fundraising
Host Club Application
Host Club Application
Service Fair
Service Fair
Advisor Cheat Sheet
Advisor Cheat Sheet

New England and Bermuda District of Key Club International
Registration Instructions
1. The registration form is a Microsoft Excel file. Directions on how to fill it out are included below. This form must be submitted by e-mail to DECON@newenglandkeyclub.org

2. Note that those names listed in the boxes on the registration forms will be assigned as roommates, inasmuch as hotel space is available. Some of your Key Clubbers may room with students from other Key Clubs. Although the hotels work hard to avoid this, your students may have rooms on different floors.

3. The form has separate tabs for Male Key Clubbers, Female Key Clubbers, and Adult Chaperones. Please be accurate and complete when listing attendees on each tab.

4. All registrations for your Key Club must be done at the same time. Directions for last minute changes will be available online.

5. All registrations must be submitted by e-mail BEFORE February 16, 2019. Any registrations submitted after that date may not be accepted. There will be no same day registrations at the conference hotel.

6. All online registrations will be numbered and dated as they are received. Rooms will be assigned by the number and date on the registrations. The first forms submitted will be the first assigned to rooms.

7. A confirmation with the name of your assigned hotel will be e-mailed to the Primary Adult Contact listed on the Payment Sheet tab of the registration form. This contact person MUST be an adult.

Payment Instructions
1. The registration fees are as follows:  
  • Key Clubbers: $162.00 each (4 per room) 
  • Adult Chaperones: $195.00 each (2 per room)

2. Adults may purchase a “Single Room Supplement” for $175.00 additional ($370.00 total for one adult per room) and subject to availability. Please be sure to mark the box on the online registration form to designate a private room.

3. PRINT a copy of the Payment Sheet tab only. This will have the total amount due. 
Mail the payment page AND a single check to:
Mr. Timothy Daly, Financial Counselor
New England and Bermuda District of Key Clubs
25 Stonehaven Drive, Unit 315
Weymouth, MA 02190

4. Do not send cash.  Mail ONE CHECK or money order per Key Club that includes the entire amount due for all attendees.  Make your check payable to: 

If you have any questions about registrations, the Conference, or any contests and awards, please email DECON@newenglandkeyclub.org

If you have any questions regarding payment for the conference, please call Mr. Timothy Daly at 781-335-4077 or tdkiwanis@comcast.net.

Medical and Media Release Forms
All Key Clubbers must submit:
1.A completed medical form signed by a parent/guardian,
2.A photocopy of the Key Clubber’s health insurance card (front and back), and
3.A completed media release form signed by a parent/guardian.

A designated adult chaperone from your Key Club should collect these forms ahead of the Conference and turn them in at the registration desk when you arrive at your hotel.
Please note: you do not need to mail these forms ahead of time this year.

Adult Chaperones
It is mandatory that there be at least one advisor in attendance at the conference for every 10 Key Clubbers.
Criminal History Background Checks
Pursuant to Kiwanis International and New England and Bermuda District Youth Protection Policies, all adult chaperones attending the District Educational Conference must have completed a criminal history background check.
  • For faculty advisors, school employees, and others who complete a background check performed through the local school department, a school department criminal history background check is sufficient to meet this requirement. Please list the date of this background check on the registration form and indicate that it was performed by the school department.
  • Kiwanians and other adults not background checked by the local school department must have their background check performed by Kiwanis International within the last two years. Your sponsoring Kiwanis Club's secretary will coordinate this background check through Kiwanis International's vendor Safe Hiring Solutions. The cost of this background check is minimal and may be paid by your Kiwanis Club. Please list the date of this background check on the registration form and indicate that it was performed by Kiwanis.
  • Please list the date of each adult's last background check on the registration form and whether that background check was performed by the school or by Kiwanis. If a background check is in progress with the school department or Safe Hiring Solutions as of the date of registration, please indicate "in progress."
Please direct any questions to DECON@newenglandkeyclub.org.
8. Adult chaperones are roomed 2 to a room.  Please note, if an adult wishes to room alone, he/she will be charged an additional $175 Single Room Supplement.  You must check off the box for "single room" on that room in order to be assigned to a single room.  Otherwise, if only one name is listed in that room, that adult chaperone will share a room with an adult chaperone of the same gender from another school.  If an adult chaperone would like to request to room with a specific adult from another school, please include it in the Registration Notes on the Payment Sheet tab.  Please contact DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org with any questions.

9. Please note that all adult chaperones must complete a Criminal History Background Check by either your local school department or Kiwanis International. For each adult chaperone, please list "Kiwanis" or "School" under "Background Check By" and list the date of the background check under "Background Check Date." If a background check is still in progress as of the registration date, please list "in progress." Click here for more information about the Youth Protection Policies and Criminal History Background Checks.

10. Make sure to list each attendee's first name, as this field is used by the form to count the number of registrants and calculate the amount due.  Please leave the "First Name" field blank for any empty spots in a room.  The form will count any text in that field when calculating the registration fee owed.

As you enter attendees on the Male Key Clubber, Female Key Clubber, and Adult Chaperone tabs, the Payment Sheet tab will automatically calculate the amount that you owe.  Below is an example of a Payment Sheet tab that has calculated the amount owed for 10 female Key Clubbers, 6 male Key Clubbers, 3 adult chaperones, and 1 single room supplement:
Download the DECON Registration Form (XLSX)

Download the Medical and Media Release Forms (PDF)
11. On the Payment Sheet tab, please type the name of your Key Club; your City, State, and Zip Code; contact information for a primary adult contact who will receive the confirmation packet; and any registration notes.  Notes may include any corrections or important information that does not fit on the other tabs.

12. Please e-mail DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org with any questions throughout this process.

13. Please save all pages of the Excel file as "School, State.xlsx"and send the entire file by e-mail to DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org.

14. Please print the Payment Sheet tab of the registration form and mail it with your check and all medical and media release forms to:

Mr. Timothy Daly, Financial Counselor
25 Stonehaven Drive, Unit 315
South Weymouth, MA 02190

15. All student must have a signed Medical Form and Media Release Form.  These forms can be downloaded above.  They must be signed by each student's parent/guardian.  

A designated adult chaperone from your Key Club should collect these forms ahead of the Conference and turn them in at the registration desk when you arrive at your hotel.
Please note: you do not need to mail these forms ahead of time this year.

Please note, your Key Club will not be registered for DECON until your digital registration form is received at DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org AND your payment is received by Mr. Daly.

Please contact DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org with any questions.

All registration forms and payments are due by February 16, 2019.
Registration Form Instructions

Please download the registration form below and open it in Microsoft Excel. Although this program will also work in Apple Sheets or Google Sheets, it will lose some functionality in those programs. Please review the registration instructions carefully. Please contact DECON@NewEnglandKeyClub.org with any questions.

1. Click on the tabs on the bottom of the Excel file for Female Key Clubbers, Male Key Clubbers, and Adult Chaperones.  Female and Male Key Clubbers MUST be listed on separate tabs:

On each of those tabs, you will see lines to register conference attendees.  These lines are grouped by hotel room.  Below is an example from the Male Key Clubbers tab.