DECON Registration

​​Please read the following directions before filling out the registration forms.

1. Download the registration form on this page and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview (Mac). Type the information on the form(s). Print a copy of each page when done.

2. The conference packet has been mailed to each Key Club within the New England and Bermuda District. It is also available on this website.

3. Please note that those names listed in the boxes will be assigned as roommates, in as much as hotel space is available. Empty spaces in a room will be filled with students of the same gender from other Key Clubs in attendance.

4. In the area marked ADVISORS, please type the requested information for all advisors who will be attending the conference with your club. Because this is an overnight event, it is mandatory that there be at least one advisor in attendance at the conference for every 10 Key Clubbers. 

5. In the area marked KEY CLUBBERS, please type the requested information for those Key Clubbers who will be attending the conference. Note: Please use a separate form for males and females. 

6. Please be sure to check the appropriate boxes for those Key Clubbers who are club officers, delegates, alternates, etc.

7. Total up the number of Advisors and enter at the bottom of the form. Likewise, total the number of Key Clubbers on all forms and enter at the bottom of the form. Place the grand totals from each category on page one of the registration form where noted.

8. Calculate the total amount due. Do not send cash. Please send a single check or money order. Make your check payable to: NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT OF KEY CLUBS.

9. All registration forms for your club must be mailed at the same time with the below cover sheet.

10. All registrations must be postmarked by February 23, 2016. Any received after that date may be returned. There will be no late registrations at the conference hotel. 

11. All registration forms will be numbered and dated as they are received. Rooms will be assigned by the number and date on the registration forms. The first received will be the first assigned to rooms. 

12. Any registrations accompanied by post-dated checks will be returned.

13. Mail all copies of the registration forms along with your check to: 
Mr. Timothy Daly, Financial Counselor
New England and Bermuda District of Key Clubs 
281 Broad St
Weymouth, MA 02188

14. A copy of the registration form(s) showing date received will be returned to the designated contact person. 

15. If you have any questions on either registrations or Conference Contests and Awards, please call District Administrator, Mr. George Whitney at 802-472-6240 or Financial Counselor, Mr. Timothy Daly at 781-335-4077. 

16. Registration fees are as follows:
Key Clubbers: $160
Advisors: $195
Single supplements for adults are $150.00 additional. Requests will be granted based on space available. Please indicate a request for a single supplement in the box for the second adult in that room.

17. Each attendee must have a Medical Form and Media Release form filled out. All students must have their form signed by a parent or guardian. Please mail these forms at the same time as the conference registration forms.

Please note, these forms are fillable PDF files.  Please download them, fill them out on the computer, and then print and mail in.  Typed forms will guarantee that your Key Club's names are accurately represented in the hotel's records and on your name badges.  Thank you.
The New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International