The Adult Committee serves to advise and guide the District Board and serve as a resource for Key Club Advisors throughout the District. The Adult Committee is composed of a District Administrator, a Financial Counselor, and eight Area Advisors:

District Administrator Mr. George Whitney
Financial Counselor Mr. Tim Daly (
Area Advisor Mr. Will Bradford (Massachusetts) (
Area Advisor Mr. Charles Carter (Maine) (
Area Advisor Mr. Brian Cofrancesco (Connecticut) (
Area Advisor Mrs. Christine Greene (Maine) (
Area Advisor Mrs. Renee Marchesseault (New Hampshire and Vermont) (
Area Advisor Ms. Susan Muzzy (Maine) (
Area Advisor Mr. Mike Kirchner (Massachusetts) (
Area Advisor Mr. Ron Sanville (Vermont)

Key Club advisors, please don't hesitate to contact your Area Advisor if you have any questions or issues.
District Adult Committee
The New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International