Interested in running for District or International office?  Here's how:

Lieutenant Governors
Lieutenant Governors (LTGs) will be elected at Divisional caucuses before January 12, 2017. Current Lieutenant Governors will send an invitation at least 15 days in advance. Each club is entitled to two delegates at the divisional caucus. Newly elected Lieutenant Governors will be sworn in and begin training at the District Educational Conference. Please contact your current Lieutenant Governor for more information.  Click here for a list of dates and locations for Divisional Caucuses.

Want to learn more before running?  
  • Talk to your current Lieutenant Governor about his/her experience

District Executive Board Positions
Candidates for Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor must mail a letter of intent and signed service agreements/forms to District Administrator Mr. George Whitney and Governor Lily Rogers by February 1, 2017.

Executive Board Candidacy Packets and Service Agreements:

Elections will take place at the District Educational Conference.  Candidates will caucus on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Elections will take place Sunday morning at House of Delegates.  Should there be more than two candidates for a position, a Nominating Conference will take place Saturday afternoon where delegates from each Division will vote on the top two candidates to continue on to House of Delegates.

Endorsement for International Board Positions
Candidates who want to run for an International Board position at the Key Club International Convention this July in Atlanta, GA, must be endorsed by the District at House of Delegates at the District Educational Conference.  Candidates for International Endorsement must mail a letter of intent to District Administrator Mr. George Whitney and Governor Lily Rogers by February 1, 2017.

Candidates can seek endorsement for International President, International Vice President, International Trustee, or International Office (which can be used to run for any of the three positions).

Letters of Intent (Executive Board Positions and Int'l Endorsement)
A letter of intent should be short:  "I, [name] from [school] Key Club intend to run for [position]."  You do not need to include the reasons for running or your goals (save those for your speeches at DECON).  Letters for District E-Board Positions should be mailed with signed Service Agreements and Signature Forms.  Letters for International Endorsement do not require additional forms at this time.  If you are endorsed, International requires additional paperwork before you can run as a candidate at International Convention.  Mail letters to the following by February 1, 2017:

Mr. George Whitney
District Administrator
​PO Box 467
Hardwick, VT 05843

Lily Rogers
District Governor
P.O. Box 1422
Northampton, MA 01061
District Educational Conference
Running for Office
The New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International