Oratrorical Contest Theme (2019)
Key Club International gives students the opportunity to improve the lives of others while building upon their own skills, traits, and values. How has Key Club’s international member base, core values, and motto impacted your life, identity, and experiences as a servant leader?

Oratorical Contest Guidelines
A. The subject for all orations is to be predetermined and distributed to the clubs via general mailing.

B. The first place orator from each of the organized Key Club Districts will be eligible to compete in the International Oratorical Contest. In the case a District does not hold a District contest to determine the first place orator, the District may select an orator by other means and so certify him/her by signature of the District Administrator. Orators located within a non-Districted area shall submit DVDs containing videos of their speeches to Key Club International.

C. The subject matter of the oration and the presentation must be original and completely developed by each orator. Content and presentation will be considered equally in judging.

D. Each orator will be allowed a maximum of five minutes for his/her presentation. Exceeding the time limit may result in a penalty.

E. Orators may not use notes when giving their speech in the District competition.

F. Each orator must be an official member in good standing with Key Club International.

G. Judging and awarding points will be based on the following criteria:
SPEECH–50 Points
  • Clarity of message and projection of ideas: 25 Points
  • Depth: 5 Points
  • Originality: 5 Points
  • Structure (including organization, grammar, transitions, flow, etc.): 15 Points
DELIVERY–50 Points
  • Presence (posture, gestures, and ability to engage the audience): 15 Points
  • Voice (tone, diction, effectiveness, pronunciation): 15 Points
  • Ease of presentation and intimacy with audience: 15 Points
  • Attention of audience: 5 Points

H. During the International Convention, elimination trials will be held (time and place to be announced in the Convention program), and no more than three orators may be selected to appear before the entire convention.

I. Oratory Finalists will receive suitable first, second, and third place awards and recognition for their excellence in public speaking.

J. Winning orations at International Convention, in written and electronic form (video), will become the property of Key Club International. Key Club International reserves the right to publish winning orations on KeyTV or in the Key Club magazine, providing appropriate credit to the orator.

K. The decision of the judges is final and no changes, alterations or regradings will take place after the results have been certified by the judges of this contest.

L. The winner of the District Oratorical Contest may audition at Key Club International Convention. If so, the winner is asked to sign-up at the contest table set-up at Key Club International Convention.

District Oratorical Contest Rules
A.Any Key Club wishing to enter one of its members into the Oratorical Contest must submit an entry form according to the directions listed on the District’s Oratorical Contest Entry Form.

B.The contestant must attend the District Educational Conference. Auditions will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at a location listed in the Conference program.

C.Orators may not use notes when giving their speech.

D.The winner of the District Oratorical Contest may audition at Key Club International Convention. If so, the winner is asked to sign-up at the contest table set-up at Key Club International Convention.

E.The District will provide the first-place winner with a $100 discount off the District Tour to attend International Convention so that the first-place winner may compete in the Key Club International Oratorical Contest.

District Oratorical Contest Awards
Oratorical Contest Awards are given out as follows to the Key Clubs with the highest scores: 1st Place (Plaque and Ribbon), 2nd Place (Ribbon), and 3rd Place (Ribbon).

If the first place winner attends the Key Club International Convention in July, they will receive a $100 discount on the District Tour Package. In the event that the first place winner cannot attend the International Convention, this discount may go to the second place winner, and then to the third place winner.
District Educational Conference
April 5-7, 2019 - Springfield, MA

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